About Sheila

Sheila Payte was born in Perry, FL in 1969. Moved to Jacksonville as a child and lived there till the summer before High School. Then she moved to Kissimmee, FL. Living by Disney World was a great experience in life.
In her early 20s she attended College in Orlando, FL and then decided to Move to Colorado after finishing her Bachelor's degree. After getting a great job in AeroSpace she moved to Colorado in July 2000.
Sheila got her start in making weddings arrangements in her early 20s, starting with her Sisters wedding and then a few close college girl friends....making all the flowers in silk arrangements.
While in Colorado there was thoughts of going to floral school but that was never acted on. Over the years she spent time doing "Crafting Projects" and "Fairy Garden's" for herself and with friends.
Then came Steve and after they got engaged Sheila took on the wedding planning and forgot how much she loved it. The decision to not have all real flowers was made and Sheila did some research to find something other than silk, she found Sola Wood Flowers and ordered a kit and fell in love with them. So she made all the wedding flowers (with help from the Bride's Maids & Groom) for the wedding.
After the wedding Sheila kept making stuff and with the push from her Bride's Maids she decided why not start her own business. She still works a Full Time job in technology and is very happy there but now spends her free time running the business with Steve and crafting with the Wood Flowers. Steve and Sheila shared the dream of starting their own business to share their art. In 2021 the dream became reality when “Payte’s Petals and Paintings LLC” was established.
In April 2022, with Steve and his Paintings, they signed a year contract to be in The Painted Tree store in Northgleen. Also in May 2022 Three Arrows Gallery found Sheila and invited her to bring the flowers to the Rino District store.
Sheila Enjoys making pretty things that make people smile and brighten their day.