About Us

Payte's Petals and Paintings LLC was formed out of love after Steve & Sheila met in the summer of 2018.

Steve is an artist and Sheila has a Business Degree and wanted to help Steve sell his paintings to the public. In July 2019 Steve drove Sheila to the top of Yankee Boy Basin in Ouray and asked her to marry him. So, they began planning their wedding.

During 2019 and into 2020 (when the pandemic started) A lot of time was spent planning the wedding. Sheila used to help friends out with silk flower arrangements for their weddings so she decided to do all her wedding arrangements herself. At first Fresh Flowers were the #1 but when the pandemic hit a decision was made to lower the cost and go artificial flowers for most of the decorations. So, Sheila went looking for alternate resources and found Sola Wood Flowers online. After dying the sample pack, they were both in love with these flowers.

Everything in the wedding was wood flowers except for the reception tables that had fresh flowers. Steve even painted the Guest Painting of a tree and guest signed a leaf plus a Painting of where they got engaged!

In October 2020 they were married during the pandemic and a huge Colorado Snow storm.

After the wedding Sheila couldn't stop playing with the left-over wood flowers making presents for everyone. A couple of her Bridesmaids had mentioned many times that she should go into business....so she decided to do just that and to do it together with Steve and his art work.

In 2021 the focus was on renovating the Condo and preparing/discussing then getting "Payte's Petals and Paintings LLC" all set up. They will do business as (DBA) Payte's Petals (Sheila/Wood Flowers) and Payte's Paintings (Steve's art work) under this umbrella for social media and marketing.

After trying a few craft fairs and getting the flowers into EclecticCo (which has shut down in Littleton) they found out about the Painted Tree Boutiques and that Colorado was getting a store. On NYE 2021, they signed a contract and have been preparing for a few months to be a part of this new shopping experience Painted Tree brings to communities and to homemade vendors. Painted Tree Opened up in Northgleen, CO in April 2022.
The Flowers are now also in Three Arrows Gallery(TAG) - Rino District as of May 2022.

We look forward to making many wonderful items for our customers, check back often for new items.

Thanks for shopping with us!

Steve & Sheila's Interview with CNTV