About Steve

Steven Payte was born in Denver, Colorado in 1971. Moved to Arkansas in 1972, where he lived until age 6, when he moved to Arizona. Growing up in Arizona he developed an interest in art, anything from sculpting to pen and ink drawings. After Graduating high school, he moved back to the western slope of Colorado in 1990. Currently he lives in Littleton with his new wife. In 2009, he started watching Bob Ross on T.V. again, and thought "I would like to do that”. He got started working in oil paints and found he had a talent for it. In 2012 he switched to acrylic paints, and started watching and learning from other artist on T.V. and on line. During this learning process Steve developed his own style. Steve started by selling his works to friends, coworkers, and family. This began the spark of a dream to one day open a business. In 2017 he moved to Aurora where he met Sheila, the couple were married in October 2020. Steve and Sheila shared the dream of starting their own business to share their art. In 2021 the dream became reality when “Payte’s Petals and Paintings LLC” was established. So now he is happy to share his inspirations with you. Thank you for your interest, and your patronage, and enjoy this painting as much as he did painting it.